Sure, you might need to tailor it to your specs, like maybe using Xfce instead of KDE, and not having a ton of startup items, but a basic Linux install bootup will use a few hundred megs of ram and very little CPU power. I think someone changed those in the default config file by accident a few revisions back, so you should update your SVN. The open source community has designed software for you and your needs. Remove whatever video packages you have, and install mesa, libmesa, mesa-vdpau, libmesa-vdpau, and xfvideo-ati. All Activity Home 0 A. Make sure you use the correct driver for your chipset, I got confused at first between the Radeon 33xx HD and the embedded Radeon HD. Different compositors can make the desktop look different and run differently.

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For some characters, I have rendering errors for the desktop texts showing horizontal stripes browser stuff looks always correct.

The TV geometry was properly set up in all radeoj cases and image quality was excellent with no tearing evident. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. What do you see on a map with only buildings? Make sure you haven’t enabled gpuskinning by accident. Maybe mesa-vdpau needs to be loaded somehow else? Posted August 12, edited. As long as materialmgr. Bug reports Search In.



To begin, we need to check whether our GPU is supported by the driver. They will still run Unity, but the CPU will be used for basic drawing s1250 performance may suffer. Posted August 15, edited. That shouldn’t be happening.

One way or another, we will get any hardware you have to run and to run smoothly. To begin, generate it with:. You might need to generate a newer version of your Xorg config file.

There are two problems here. Same as above but I only see some player borders and some parts of units Not sure, closes very quick.

/ login loop / Radeon Xpress (RSM) on Samsung R60 plus laptop – Ask Ubuntu

I still need to do some fine tuning with overscan and some other odds n’ ends. It is a necessity to ensure that older sti drivers and their config files are not left behind.

S-Video Very happy to say that using the above settings under “Enabling overlays with tvout” I finally have a mythtv box in working condition. If I choose “Suppress” it closes I see those strange coloured polygones for a sec but can’t make a screen shot:. Video playback with the fglrx driver and apparently all other ATI drivers lack Vsync support and thus tearing. The display will decompose into row blocks offset leading to an entirely unusable screen. A stacktrace would be nice. I can try to downgrade my old linux system though I doubt that would make any sense since noone would use those drivers anyway.


There is no automated way of doing this, sadly. If the basic TV configuration appears correctly, but the image does not fit exactly on your television set, you may need to adjust the so-called Overscan. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

[all variants] howto ATI radeon x graphics

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Delete that and the errors should go away. Already have an account? Email Required, but never shown.

At the very least, we can tell the problem has been around a while, as it was also present in Alpha 10 e. Sign up using Facebook.

And Linux runs on all things. I think the problem is somewhere in the unit renderer or the driver.