I also found articles here and here regarding setting up a MAS90 linked server in SQL server, and tried following those instructions as well, but always the same result. It is the x64 version of Workflow. So it’s 6 to one and a half a dozen to the other. It sounds like you have a rights or security issue in the windows folders that prevents you making changes. Thanks to Raymond for verifying the info I found, and Chris and others who helped lead me to a solution. Within an integration some data may be synchronized.

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Mas90 4.0 Driver ODBC driver could Not be found

Just to clarify, you were suggesting that I fill only the Product name which I believe is required and the Data source fields, mas 90 32-bit odbc Start your trial today. Right off the bat though I’m thinking the provider string is not correct. See the Related Resources section of this document.

Covered by US Patent. In the production environment, the former mas 90 32-bit odbc had to set up the System DSN just as I have with the x64 variant.

It really came down to the workstation not being supported by any server OS. Start your 7-day Free Trial.


Try it for free Edge Out The Competition for your dream job mas 90 32-bit odbc proven skills and certifications. Even though I got it working, I wouldn’t mind knowing a more efficient way to access those data.

Give it a shot and post back.

ODBC Drivers for MAS 90 and MAS

I got the LinkedServer query to return records once, and ever after, it just hangs forever. Once selected the message displays about the mismatch. On a new R2 server a customer is migrating to they installed Sage Mas90 and Access bit. For more information, see the Related Resources section below. If a workstation needed both mas 90 32-bit odbc 32 Bit and odvc Bit they would have to have different DSNs logical Data set name in order to ofbc the system identify which driver to use.

If the service is set to always start Automatically, it will do so each time the mas 90 32-bit odbc is shut down and restarted. The client and mas 90 32-bit odbc both recall that the issue was something very very small, like a grain of sand on the beach, but we both have lost all notes and records to the exact “thing”. First, as a CPA.

But something is burning in the back of my brain on this one If I leave the provider string blank, I get the same result.


Please wait while this file loads, or download it here. The articles linked in the comments are not very helpful in that regard. What application are you getting this message from specifically?

This installs the ODBC driver. The driver could be installed on select workstations. Solutions Learn More Through Courses. This also did not work. Updated February 23, View Download Go to post.

What if it was a clean install one that particular server? Looks like it will be a late night at the office It avoids using a linked server and is faster and more direct.

MAS 90 work around on 64 bit server

You win Internets. Are you getting a specific message 32-big you try to connect? Is there anyone who knows mas 90 32-bit odbc workaround for this? Thanks agian I wish i could give both of you the full points.