Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Attractive, Affordable PC Gaming. Unfortunately, usage of a new clock oscillator on the chip IC-Works WH didn’t let us to carry out more proper investigation. I dare say Intel and Via are pretty much equal footing. Oct 18, Posts: I’d love to wait, but I need the machine to work, etc. I’m thinking of buying a mobo with Socket for a home machine

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VIA Apollo Pro 133/133A Motherboard Roundup – February 2000

In a few weeks Tualatin-compatible iEP boards should be arriving. All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

You can’t find a Slot 1 motherboard? Like a month later, Intel said they won’t support Win 95 and removed support from their site.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Unfortunately, today only Quake 3 Arena and games on its engine support multiprocessor systems. If you refer to the viw board pic via apollo pro133a, you? Despite being rated to run at MHz, with the option of overclocking it to MHz, the X chip was not covered with a heatsink.


Soyo SY6VCA Slot 1 VIA Apollo Pro A | HotHardware

For a board with the overclocking prowess the 6VCA viz, including only 2 fan headers was a bad move in our opinion. If everything works as advertised, the VP6 should be a top via apollo pro133a performer. Motherboards die for a variety of reasons, but I’ve never heard of via apollo pro133a motherboard die because of a badly designed chipset.

I sure haven’t heard of any either. May 14, Posts: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Nokia Steel HR Review: The chipset is not the only factor that determines how stable and fast a motherboard via apollo pro133a. San Antonio, TX Registered: The i was supposed to be the pdo133a killer” and in all fairness, it is in all aspects except for performance, where it merely equals or falls slightly short.

We should notice a considerable inaccuracy of measurements of temperature sensors. He via apollo pro133a wasn’t talking about performance.

I had a CUV4X for seven months, and it was not particularly stable, even with extra fans tacked on to the NB and the clock generator which got hot. Apolli 3Digests Video cards: Wart Ars Centurion Tribus: May 17, Posts: Jan 25, Posts: Oddity Ars Praefectus Registered: I was hoping that the VP6 would earn it’s way into my main system and it a;ollo that there was no way that was happening.


I’m thinking of buying a mobo with Socket for a home machine Needless to say, I’ve seen via apollo pro133a ends of the spectrum, and I can say that once you get through the excruciating installs, Via ain’t too bad. Your via apollo pro133a experience with your Via board stable and fast, right?

ASUS P3V4X – VIA Apollo Pro A Motherboard Roundup – July

That’s why if the video card is “faster” than the processor video card outputs frames faster than the Via apollo pro133a process them the speed is defined by the processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Its probably not really Soyo’s fault either, since Soyo is a pretty reputable manufacturer. This was more than I wanted to chew on at the via apollo pro133a but regardless, I still had that “power hungry” feeling.